Bouquet Pre-Paid Packages

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Choose or customise your package with us today! 

Families often ask if they can prepay their funeral cost or can we provide them with Funeral Insurance. Unfortunately, due to the complexity of Funeral Insurance we are unable to provide this option. We do however advise families to contact a reputable Funeral Insurance provider.

We acknowledge that funeral cost can create financial strain and additional stress to an already stressful time, therefore we offer a variety of packages for you to choose from and pre-pay.

Engaging our service does require a $1000.00 deposit but as you will see below your package may look like this:

Our Orchid Package:

Step 1:       Choose the package $5160.00

Step 2:       Pay a deposit $1000.00

Step 3:       Deduct the Work & Income Grant (where eligible)

Step 4:       Leaving a balance of $1880.00 (this will be the amount that you can arrange to pre-pay)

These 4 easy steps will apply to each package providing the funeral grant is applicable.

Being able to save the deposit through our easy savings plan will certainly help you in the future. However big or small your contribution, it is your money and it can be withdrawn and/or transferred to another whanau member. There are no hidden cost.

Your money will be saved in an account specifically for reaching the cost of your package. 

Terms & Conditions apply only to ensure that your financial interest is secured. Please see example below:

Name Date Account Reference Contribution Weekly Fortnightly Total Withdrawals
i.e  Aunty Jane 28/01/20 001 $25.00    Confirmed $25.00 Nil
i.e Aunty Jane 28/02/20 001 $25.00    Confirmed $25.00 Nil

Please feel free to speak with one of our friendly staff members and discuss this option for you. Or, simply download the Bouquet Forms and send them to 182 Ellis Street, Hamilton, or email to

Bouquet Pre-Paid Funeral Terms & Conditions

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