Other Products and Services

The following items are subject to ADDITIONAL COST dealt directly with the provider:

For your convenience Sincere Funerals can arrange any of the items below:

  • Public Cemetery Burial Plot (Hamilton City Council)

  • Cremation Fees (Hamilton City Council)

  • Chapel Fees (Hamilton City Council)

  • Newspaper Notices (All National Newspapers)

  • Celebrant / Minister (Local Provider)

  • Headstones / Plaques (Local Provider)

  • Catering / Refreshments (Venue Provider)

  • Carved Caskets (To be prearranged)

  • Long Distance Travel (Sincere Funeral Services)

  • Service sheets (Sincere Funeral Services)

  • Prepay Deposit (Sincere Funeral Services)

  • Funeral Service Venues (Sincere Funeral Services)

  • RSA Funeral arrangements (Sincere Funeral Services & Local RSA)

  • Repatriations (Sincere Funeral Services)

  • Justice Of The Peace (Available on request)

  • For your convenience we use the Flower Shop, Keddell Street, Frankton, Hamilton