Cremation is also an option that many families choose. It is increasingly noticeable for Maori whanau as well. Sincere Funerals will assist your choice by explaining the committal process and service. We have three packages that will accommodate your loved one. Our Daffodil package for someone over 65, our Rose package which is a complete funeral service, families are to do all transfers from the funeral home, and our Tulip package for our direct cremations.

Please note: If using the Daffodil or Rose packages, Hamilton City Council require a Cremation Fee and Chapel Fee (Optional) payable directly to them. However these cost do not apply to the Tulip package for direct cremations. 

Please be aware that past experiences of cremations have left friends and families feeling rushed and impersonal due to limited time available during the committal or service. Where applicable Sincere Funerals will ensure that there is ample time between services when using the Chapel at a Crematorium. For a minimal additional cost the Chapel Service can be extended to eliminate such an issue.

We have assisted many families to design many different types of funeral ceremonies. Some of these have been very simple – for example, no Minister or Celebrant, just quiet time for friends and families to sit and have their own thoughts and memories.

If you’d like to find out more about the Crematorium near you, please call us on 07 847 1465 or Mobile on 022 125 7765 or complete the form below.



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