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Cindy Kiel – Managing Director

Level 2 Announcement

Kia ora Everyone

We are now in Level 2 so what does this mean for you and your whanau. Currently we are allowing whanau groups of 10 into the funeral home to view their loved ones. We must still practice social distancing and we are very grateful that whanau have respected this throughout Covid-19.

This process will remain in place but you can attend the funeral home in groups of 10. We advise that all transfers will be conducted by the Funeral Home.

We welcome yesterday’s announcement from the Prime Minister that Tangihanga can now proceed with up to 50 attendees and extending the tangi to 2-3 days while practicing physical distancing.

Sincere Funeral Services will still provide a 7 day service however the following changes will apply.

New operating hours:

From Monday 18 May our new operating hours will be from 9am – 5pm 

Please contact us by phone 07 847 1465. We will be happy to assist with your arrangements at a time convenient for you.

Whanau, we thank you for your continued understanding and support and we will ensure to keep everyone informed. Please visit our Covid-19 page for more information.




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