Funeral Services

Sincere Funeral Services are dedicated to delivering the best possible care and comfort to the family and whanau. A culturally sensitive service that is available to assist you 24 hours 7 days a week.

Our unique service allows you to ask questions, confirm arrangements, gather with your family/whanau and utilise our lounge room and kitchen facilities while you wait. We are guided by your arrangements and acknowledge that the wishes of the family and your loved one are paramount, and that every detail is considered when planning your tribute.

Sincere Funerals offer a variety of funeral packages that are very affordable and flexible, please browse through our packages to see which one will best suit your loved one. Sincere Funerals on request can arrange a selection of services to meet the needs of all cultures, ethnicities, traditions and religion.

Graveside Service

Burial in a cemetery, or private family Urupa. By request or arrangement friends and family may be invited to attend this Service followed by an afternoon tea or kai hakari.


Traditional Cremation Service

Following a service at the Funeral Home, Chapel or Marae. Your loved one will then be transferred to the Crematorium accompanied by the immediate family.  your loved one can then be collected from the Funeral Home within 2 – 3 days.


Direct Cremation

Following our service process your loved one will be transferred to the Crematorium and  cremated with no ceremony or family in attendance.


Memorial Service

Very comforting to family and friends, a gathering can be held to celebrate the life of the deceased.